Friday, 12 May 2017


Starring Noomi Rapace, Orlando Bloom, Michael Douglas, John Malkovich and Toni Collette. Written by Peter O'Brien and directed by Michael Apted. Running time 98 minutes.

Noomi Rapace is Alice Racine an ex-CIA interrogator taking a time out following a terrible terrorist attack in Paris she was unable to prevent that's left her somewhat broken. She's now working, undercover for MI5 boss, Toni Collette in the local council housing department, that is until a plot to unleash an imminent biological attack in London against an American target is uncovered. Naturally, cos Alice used to be the 'best' at that sort of thing, she finds herself forcibly re-recruited back to the ranks of the  CIA to interrogate an 'redacted' courier who might just have important information that could save the day. What follows is your usual frantic, chase/race against the clock to save the day while every spy thriller cliche is ticked off the bingo card, herrings are painted red and plots, counter-plots and conspiracies are unearthed quicker then you can shake a stick at and far too many crosses are doubled. Along for the ride is an cast of excellent supporting actors and Orlando Bloom. Michael Douglas turns up as Alice's ex-CIA Section Head and surrogate father-figure, Eric Lasch, John Malkovich plays permanently angry CIA boss Bob Hunter and Orlando Bloom, sporting an cockney accent worthy of Dick Van Dyke plays Jack Alcott, an ex-marine burglar path crosses with our plucky, oddly accented, CIA heroine. But which one of these talented actors, and Orlando Bloom isn't what they say they are and what is really going on...

Not a bad film, certainly entertaining, despite Apted's best efforts to render each and every action sequence almost unwatchable with his dreary, patented technique of shaking the camera violently whenever there's an action scene. A word to wise, THIS DOESN'T MAKE US THINK WE'RE WATCHING A FUCKING FLY ON THE WALL DOCUMENTARY! IT JUST JERKS US OUT OF THE MOVIE AND MAKES US FEEL A LITTLE NAUSEOUS.

Apart from that, always good to see a kick-ass heroine, kicking ass and taking names. This was a nice bit of fun that was pleasantly reminiscent of Spooks and its London location made for a nice change from the usual gritty streets of New York city. Rapace, Douglas and Malkovich are always good value for money and best of all its blissfully brief running time means it doesn't outstay its welcome.


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