Sunday, 5 March 2017


Starring Ice Cube, Charlie Day, Tracy Morgan, Jilian Bell, Christina Hendricks and Kumail Nanjiani. Written by Van Robichaux and Evan Susser. Directed by Richie Keen. Budget $25 million. Running time 91 minutes. Certificate 15.

The plot is pretty elaborate for a film like this and it's impressive they managed to cram so much into its 91 minute running time, and remember that includes the credits. In a failing school, on the last day of the year, wimp English teacher, Andy Campbell, Charlie Day gets challenged to a fist fight after school from fellow history teacher and psycho Ron Strickland after Day gets Strickland sacked.

Yep that's the plot, however realising that that was pretty thin, the writers have also shoehorned in three subplots for Andy to deal with all on the same day, as well as the forementioned fist fight he has to: 1. Deal with his wife about to go into labour. 2. Perform a duet with his daughter in a talent show at her school. 3. Re-interview for his own job with the school board.

Poor old wimpy Andy, I wonder whether all of these plots will come together in the end to save the day?

Moderately and occasionally funny at best. The film finally finds its grove as those subplots all come together leading into the actual fight. In fact the funniest part of the whole film is, without doubt, the duet that Andy performs with his daughter at her school's talent show. That and the out takes and post credit sequence where we get to see, briefly the start of the next school year, when the status quo is restored.

Sadly a case of C– could do better. See me after school.


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