Saturday, 17 September 2016


Starring Gemma Arterton, Sennia Nanua, Paddy Considine and Glenn Close. Written by M.R. Carey and directed by Colm McCarthy. Budget £4 million. Running time 111 minutes.

WOW. Just wow. A new twist on the zombie movie that does away with the traditional zombie electing instead to feature an endless horde of fast-moving fungus infested, flesh-eating crazies who've brought the human race to the very brink of utter extinction. Now, in one of the last-remaining military installations a weary scientist, Glenn Close frantically experiments with dwindling resources to find a cure for the infestation before humanity is overwhelmed.

This fresh take on the zombie movie sees a young hybrid human/zombie girl (Sennia Nanua) who might just hold the cure to the plague, her favourite teacher (Gemma Arterton), battle weary soldier (Paddy Considine) and the forementioned scientist (Glenn Close) head off to reach the safety of a command centre in the heart of London when their base is fatally overwhelmed by the fungus infested 'hungries' as these zombies are called. 

Written by M.R. Carey and based on his own best-selling novel, this was an immensely satisfying and at times genuinely scary and gruesome take on the zombie holocaust genre that offers some great new ideas, a great cast, some brilliantly mounted action sequences,  a real sense of palatable dread and a poignantly bleak ending. All in all, a gripping and exciting night out and when you think the whole thing was made for a paltry £4 million it just goes to show what can be done when you focus on story over style. 

This one was dead good! 9/10

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