Sunday, 4 September 2016


Starring Jason Statham, Jessica Alba, Tommy Lee Jones and Michelle Yeoh. Written by Philip Shelby and tony Mosher. Directed by Dennis Gansel. Budget $48 million, 98 minutes long.

God, my third film of the day, the second to star Michelle Yeoh and the first feature the Stath. Now I like the Stath, I try and see all his films and used to think he had real potential, but now I'm beginning to worry.

Mechanic: Resurrection is the sequel, no one actually asked for, to the 2011 Mechanic movie, which itself was a lackluster remake of a sub-standard Charles Bronson vehicle from the 1970s originally directed by Michael Winner.

The story sees Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) enjoying his retirement, running a boat yard in Rio, who is forced to come out of retirement to perform three assassinations when his girlfriend (Jessica Alba) is kidnapped and used as leverage. What follows are three ridiculously convoluted 'hits', each more outlandish than the last before the final boss-level showdown on a luxury yacht with a ticking time bomb as motivation.

And that's it. The trailer was fun, the film not so. I used to love watched the Stath in action, but I'm beginning to get a little weary and fear his decent into Steven Seagel/Dolph Lundgren straight to video fare can't be too far behind, which is a shame because Stath is a good actor and can often project a likeable warmth, sadly missing here. Added to that, some dreadful acting, some terrible plot holes and some genuinely shoddy CGI effects and you've got a film that if it was a car wouldn't so much need a good mechanic as utterly scrapping into a cube of crushed metal.

Could do so much better. 5/10

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