Saturday, 30 April 2016


Starring  Idris Elba, Richard Madden, Charlotte Le Bon, Eriq Ebouaney and José Garcia. Written by Andrew Baldwin, directed by James Watkins. Running time 92 minutes.

The third action film of the month and the third set on the European mainland. This time round we've got an Englishman playing an American in Paris, while another Brit plays an American also in France and some French actors play French people in France. The plot sees permanently angry, CIA rage monkey SEAN BRIAR (Idris Elba) tracking down MICHAEL MASON (Richard Madden) - the world's greatest pick pocket who accidentally bag snatches a bag containing a bomb that subsequently explodes killing four innocent people just a few days short of Bastille Day, making him a person of interest to the CIA.

Anyway, Briar is shit hot at what he does and it isn't long before Mason is under his jurisdiction and he uncovers a conspiracy behind the bomb and the two men set off on an action-packed romp through Paris killing bad guys willy–nilly to find the real culprits and prove Mason's innocence, although he has actually contributed to killing four people.

The Paris setting is nice and somewhat fresh, Idris using the film as his audition for James Bond is wonderful, I wait for the day he gets his own Taken franchise and the whole thing is brisk and economic. Another thoroughly enjoyable Saturday Night Special!

This would have been an 8/10 but the film loses a whole point for the utterly awful end credit song that sees Idris singing a 'Little Britain' style song and revealing that as an actor he can't sing for shit.


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