Sunday, 27 March 2016


Starring: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, John Goodman and John Gallagher, Jnr. Written by Josh Campbell, Matt Stuecken and Damien Chazelle. Directed by Dan Trachtenberg. 103 minutes long. Budget $15 million.

Well, that was a pleasant surprise. I was not expecting that!

The plot sees Mary Elizabeth Winstead's Michelle leave her boyfriend after an argument only to end up in the underground bunker of survivalist - Howard, John Goodman following a car crash from which he saved her. Michelle discovers she's also sharing the bunker with slacker, Emmet ( John Gallagher, Jnr) and also, according to Howard that something terrible has happened outside and they must remain in the bunker for the next two years! Although what that 'something terrible' is isn't revealed...

But what has happened and what is the real story behind Howard's story and what the hell does this all have to do with the 2008 found-footage monster movie Cloverfield of which this is a sort of belated sequel. Well, I can't say and if you want to enjoy this film, it's best you go in knowing as little as possible.

This is a claustrophobic and intense thriller with a superb cast and some great shocks. Goodman is superb and terrifying and Mary Elizabeth Winstead brings a real depth to her character.

And that's all I'm saying. Except that you don't necessarily need to have seen Cloverfield to enjoy this but it's worth checking out regardless.


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