Friday, 12 February 2016


Starring Édgar Ramírez, Luke Bracey, Teresa Plamer, Delry Lindo and Ray Winstone. Written by Kurt Wimmer, directed by Ericson Core. Budget $105 million. 113 minutes.

Three crimes all featuring stupid extreme sports makes FBI trainee and ex-BMX bandit, Johnny Utah as played by Luke Bracey, realise that a band of extreme sportsmen, lead by Édgar Ramírez, are all trying to complete the mythical Osaki 8 - a series of extreme sports challenges that once completed will amount to dilly squat.

After that, walking, tattooed block of granite Utah infiltrates the baddies and then spends his time partying with baggy-eyed hippy chick, Teresa Plamer and the other rich shits who all seem to spend insane amounts of money robbing money of insanely rich people whilst performing insane extreme sporting stunts. Every now and then Utah meets up with Ray Winstone's Angelo Pappas - the world's most unconvincing FBI agent, who has the world's most unconvincing accent.

The best stunt in the film features the wing suits the rest of it is just bollocks. It's all just annoyingly irritating as these spoiled stupid rich kids talk bollocks about inner peace and spirituality while killing ordinary working people who offend their obnoxious ideals. It's pretentious and worst of all utterly unnecessary. There was simply no reason at all for this to be remade.

Featuring dialogue as awful as this: "What's the 'point break'?" "It's the point at which you break." and... "Ideas can be powerful." "Not as powerful as whaling boats."

Nothing to redeem it, nothing to recommend it, it's just pointless.


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