Saturday, 13 February 2016


Starring Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrel, Penelope Cruz and Kristen Wigg. Written by, John Hamburg, Ben Stiller, Nick Stoller and Justin Theroux, directed by Ben Stiller. Budget $50 million, 103 minutes running time.

15 years have passed in Derek Zoolander's universe and it's safe to say his world has gone to shit. His wife is dead, killed by a one-tonne book, his son has been taken into care, he's lost his mojo and he's living in a cabin in the woods. But it's no better for Hansel either, hideously scared thanks to the same disaster that claimed Derek's wife, and all 10 members of his Orgy, both male and female, pregnant. Both men are desperate and when they both get invitations from Billy Zane to take part in Kristen Wiig's Rome fashion show the stage is set for a quest to rescue Derek's son, discover who Hansel's dad is and find out why several international pop stars have all been killed while pouting in a very Blue Steel way and what their connection with Will Ferrell's Mugato is.

To explain more of the plot would be both churlish, and pointless, it's convoluted, twisty, far too elaborate and ultimately unnecessary since it really doesn't matter come the end.

This is an exceedingly loud movie, the sound track BOOMS through every single frame of this film, from a generic music to set the mood to blasts of pop music. Apart from that there's not alot more to talk about.

Oh wait, I bet you want to know if it's funny? Well yes, at times it is. I counted at least four of those times when I burst out laughing, rather loudly infact. Sadly, inbetween those rare moments I just sat stony faced and waited for the  the next cameo to come by, be it Bendy Dick Currant Bun, Ping, Susan Sarandon, Katy Perry or Susan Boyle.

I have to say I have fond memories of the first Zoolander film, but this one makes me nervous to return to it in case I realise it's no longer funny. Zoolander 2 has the same schtick as the first but now it suffers from Sequel-itous, it has the same gags and tropes just done slightly differently, so you sort of remember the gag from the first film and so you kinda of chuckle at the memory. The film struts from one gag to the next and everyone seems to be having a blast making it, particularly Wigg and Ferrel but sadly that humour doesn't transfer from the screen, too often you smile at a gag or groan. That said the woman in from of us, howled through out and even gave it a standing ovation at the end to show her love for it.

Crazy bitch.

Me, I'm a little more sanguine about it. I reckon it's a rather Meh 4/10 and two of those points are for Penelope's attributes.

Should you see it? Well only if the only other option is Dead's Army.

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