Monday, 7 December 2015



Starring: Daniel Radcliffe, James McAvoy, Jessica Brown Findlay, Andrew Scott and Charles Dance.

Written by Max Landis. Directed by Paul McGaigan. 110 minutes. 45 million budget.

It's Fronkensteen for the 21st Century! The monster that just refuses to stay dead, after last year's utterly awful I, Frankenstein and the very good Penny Dreadful comes this, the latest in a never-ending list of films based on that book that no body reads, Frankenstein by Mary Shelly.

And naturally cos it is the 21st Century it's imperative that we have a back story for not just Frankie (James McAvoy) but also his sidekick, Igor (Daniel Radcliffe) originally known as Fritz in the Universal movie. In this throw of the dice, Igor is a circus hunchback/clown/circus-medic whom Frank and Beans rescues when he witnesses the deformed, lisping freak save the life of a trapeze artist following a nasty fall. Sadly the rescue sees the two men wanted for murder and introduces the third player in this saga, Inspector Turpin (Andrew Scott).

Then, once Prof X has cured the hump of Harry (the film's most gloriously disgusting scene), it's a race through the creation of the monster all set in Hollywood's vision of Victorian London - think huge steam powered machines, cobble streets and grime, lots and lots of it, while insanely Catholic inspector Turpin goes slowly insane and he hunts the two men.

Bringing nothing new to the table, this isn't a terrible film, it's alright, a bit silly if truth be told but not awful and certainly not nearly as terrible as I, Fronkenstein, which really was a monstrously awful film.

James McAvoy does his best and wins the day when it comes to acting chops and poor old Daniel Radcliffe struggles valiantly to overcome his handicaps, his little lisp and the fact he's just not a very good actor.

Not a bad film, but it is a 12A which means you can take kids, I did I took my 12A year old and he thought it was okay.


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