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Starring Anthony Hopkins, Colin Farrel, Abbie Cornish, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Written by Peter Morgan and Sean Bailey, directed by Afonso Pyart. 101 minutes long 

Tone and Col are a pair of super psychics, both able to read the future and past of anyone they touch. Tone is still grieving the death of his 21-year old daughter through Leukemia and the collapse of his marriage and Col is the serial killer, who only targets the terminally ill, who leaves no traces and whom the FBI are chasing but with no success, so Jeffers and Cornie bring in Tone to help them catch the killer. But Tone soon twigs that he's up against a psychic even better than him and it quickly becomes a cat and mouse game as Tone and Col chase each other and chat right up to the ending they both have seen coming since the film began.

This starts quite well but the sheer silliness of it all soon makes it more of a joke than an intense thriller. Hopkins acts the whole thing like he's bored out of his gourd and brings some of the funniest moments to a film that's not supposed to be remotely funny and the whole thing soon becomes bogged down by it's own ridiculousness. Indeed at one point he tells a proper joke, with a set up, gag, punchline, which gets a huge laugh but that feels totally out of place. The other trouble is that this film is so cliched you might find yourself psychic too as you guess what's going to happen next and what the big secret, Tone is hiding. A clue, it's not really that big, you sort of know it right from the off if you're paying attention.

Not a great deal to recommend this, certainly not worth a cinema visit, perhaps a rental or on demand but it's mildly entertaining and offers a couple of nice moments and some naked boobs.


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