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Starring Emily Blunt, Josh Brolin, Benicio Del Toro, Daniel Kaluuya. Written by Taylor Sheridan, directed by Denis Villeneuve. 121 minutes long.

The Hollywood pitch probably went like this - "It's Zero Dark Thirty but about drugs." And in no way is that to be considered a negative comment, for this is anything other than a superb, intense and thoroughly gripping thriller.

Emily Blunt, the thinking man's action heroine, is crack FBI agent, Kate Macer
encouraged to volunteer for a mission to wreck chaos on a Mexican drug cartel and thereby bring down a drug lord by secretive CIA agent, Josh Brolin and his even more sinister 'friend', Alejandro – the Sicario of the title. But when by-the-book Kate realises that the mission is anything but 'strictly legal' she begins to balk at the actions and savage brutality she encounters and witnesses but realises, too late, that the further she goes the harder it is for her to get out.

This is a slow burn, powerful, intense and savage film that's also staggeringly stunning and beautiful thanks in no small part to cinematographer Roger Deakins who creates a beautiful vista of strange other-worldliness.

The only frustrating aspect of the film is Emily Blunt's character, Kate Macer who stubbornly refuses to join in the party, despite the fact she's seen just how awful and downright evil the drug cartels are, and as such she spends the whole film whinging and complaining when all you want her to do is to get with the program and help the committed Josh Brolin and Del Toro get the bad guy.

Just superb. 


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