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Starring Kit Harington, Peter Frith, Jennifer Ehle, Elyes Gabel, Lara Pulver, Tim McInnerny, Hugh Simon, Eleanor Matsuura and Tuppence Middleton.

Written byJonathan Brackley and Sam Vincent. Directed by Bharat Nalluri. 104 minutes brisk!

Can't really describe the plot in any detail for fear of revealing too much but what I can say is          leader                                       is                                                  and                                                   forced to go                to        him and               who the          MI5 is, along the way re-recruiting                                                   Kit                   's Will                       and surviving on his        . After that it's a cat-and-mouse chase against the clock to                the                      a terrorist                in the heart of              and get home in time for tea.

Feeling a little bit shabby and frayed around the edges and actually not as stylish as the BBC TV show, this is nevertheless a very fast-paced and entertaining spy thriller with more twists and turns then something very twisty and turny. A good cast and some nice action makes this a satisfying double length episode. Sadly marred by a repeated visual gag of notes being left for various characters to read at highly-critical moments and the sense that we the viewer are always playing catch-up.

If James Bond is Waitrose and Bourne is M&S then this is an entertaining and gripping solid bargain basement spy-thriller, which is proudly and happily, unashamably Lidl through-and-through.


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