Friday, 10 April 2015


#19 SEVENTH SON (29/03/15)

Starring Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore, Ben Barnes, Alicia Vikander and a brief, blink and you'll miss it, Kit Harington. Written by three people! Matt Greeenberg, Charles Leavitt and Aaron Guzikoski  and directed by Sergei Bodrov

Another attempt to turn a successful YA series (13 books so far) into a successful movie franchise and another example of the fact that Hollywood has no idea what's going to succeed and what isn't. This one wont. Same old guff, but with a boy hero for the young girl audience who won't be going to swoon over. Jeff is the last member of a, once, thousand strong league of knights sworn to hunt down and kill witches. Julianne is the witch he once loved and couldn't kill who he buried in a cell instead. Ben is the new apprentice and there's a blood moon on its way and that's it. You should be able to work out the rest of the plot yourselves, especially if you don't try to do anything new or exciting and you make sure your keyword is dull.

Not fresh, not good and not that interesting either, made worse by Jeff Bridge's awful accent and a bizarre final showdown that sees most of the villains taking themselves out without the help of our heroes who seem almost as bored as I was.
I'd suggest you avoid this one, but hopefully you already have, it's gone already.


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