Friday, 2 January 2015


#2: DUMB & DUMBER TO  (2/1/15)

Directed by the Farrelly Brothers. Staring Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels and Kathleen Turner. Written by six people. Six. It took six of them to write this. 110 minutes long.

Seen the trailer? Did you enjoy the trailer. Did you like the bit where Lloyd fakes his 20 year catatonic state? Did you like it when the hotel room full of fireworks went off? How about the bit with the two boys talking on the phones to each other, not realising they were? Great stuff, I agree! Trouble is those are most of the high-lights, take those out and you're left with perhaps 3 or 4 other extremely funny moments sprinkled amongst the remaining 100 odd minutes. And those minutes seemed to be filled mainly with showing us all what a thoroughly unlikable character, Jim Carey's Lloyd Christmas really is. Mean-spirited, spiteful and actually unpleasant. Btw, if the trailer or the original film left you unmoved then this film is most certainly not for you.

The plot revolves round Jeff Daniels' Harry Dunne's quest to find his long-lost daughter and secure a much needed kidney. Add to that some spurious sub-plot and a long rambling road trip plot and you have this, tired and at times rather nasty mess. That said there are some occasionally laugh-out loud hilarious scenes, no seriously there are moments where tears will roll down your face, but those are sadly too few and far between, or should that be to [sic] few and far between. Chortle chortle.

Referencing several moments for the original Dumb & Dumber film made back in 1994, this at least isn't just a lazy rehash although there are several very uncomfortable jokes made at the expense of women and there's one gag involving a cork that caused an audible, collective shocked gasp among the audience. Of the lead pair, once again Jeff Daniels still pips Carey as the funniest, but that's not much of an accolade.

This 20 year in the making sequel won't be as fondly remembered as the original in 20 years time.


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