Sunday, 30 November 2014


Directed by Randall Wright, 110 minutes.

An intimate portrait of the world's greatest living artist, David Hockney, an artist who continues to inspire and motivate me like no other living artist can or does. I find his artwork breath-taking and his constantly inventing mind a true inspiration, his painting, photography and artwork move me to tears.

The film, a cinematic biography of the artist using never-before-seen home video, interviews and archive footage is as engaging and engrossing as the art itself, and a good indicator as to whether this film will be your cup of tea or not. If you love Hockney's art, you'll love this film, if you don't. Then it's not for you. He comes across as a fantastically interesting character and his attitude to art is so singular it's intoxicating.

Personally I loved this film and I can't wait to own it on Blu Ray.


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