Sunday, 12 October 2014



Starring Luke Evans, Dominic Cooper, Sarah Gadon. Written by Matt Sazama, Burk Sharpless. Directed by Gary Shore, 92 minutes long.

Right then, that's Dracula's origin story told, excellent, well I for one feel far better understanding that the Prince of Darkness is an okay guy who only became a vampire in the first place to save his wife and son from the dastardly Turks. Phew! And here I was thinking he was some evil, mysterious count with a passion for virgins and wolves
. No, no it's much better he's a tortured individual who only sacrificed his soul to save others. Much better. Maybe now he can date Malificent, she's another misunderstood baddy.

So here we go, Universal's attempt to re-imagine the horror greats of old for the 21st century, so get ready for a re-imagined Dracula, Frankenstein and his monster and The Mummy, hopefully if they work their way through their old back catalogue we should get Abbot and Costello before the year is out, can't wait to see what their origin story is.

Not scary, not particularly engrossing and not that terrible either, the actors do their jobs adequately, Charles Dance seems to have the most fun but sadly Dominic Cooper just doesn't cut it as the big bad villain, oh and Luke Evans as good as he is, is no Christopher Lee. The fight scenes are fun, the reliance of CGI becomes repetitive and bland to boot and that's about it. Not terrible, but not that good either.

Naturally the film ends in the present and sets up the obligatory sequel. Horay.


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