Sunday, 28 September 2014



Starring Liam Nesson, Dan Stevens, Boyd Holbrook, Sebastian Roché. Written and directed by Scott Frank, 113 minutes.

Liam Nesson is Mathew Scudder an ex-cop, ex-alcoholic unlicensed private investigator who gets caught up in with a kidnapping gang and various organised crime families in a race against time to rescue the daughter of a Russian drug dealer.

A lot more low key than Liam's Taken and action films, this time round his hard-boiled action hero is just at home detailing his own flaws at an AA meeting as he is laying down the law, although he's just as likely to have the shit kicked out of him. Asked to help a drug dealer whose wife was abducted and murdered by a couple of serial killing kidnappers, Scudder starts to investigate and he gets drawn into a world of appalling vileness, luckily he's be-friended a young street dweller, TJ to help him in his investigations.

This felt like a throw back movie, feeling and looking like a 1970s crime film, ditching the vileness of the shaky cam approach this is a much more basic and gritty crime drama that entertained greatly. Based on a book by Lawrence Block, there's 17 of them in the series, you don't need to have read the books to get the character of Scudder though the book this film is based on gives you much more insight into his mind, obviously.

Enjoyable and satisfying. 8/10

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