Monday, 25 August 2014


#59 SIN CITYStarring Bruce Willis, Micky Rourke, Jessica Alba, Clive Owen, Rosario Dawson, Benicio Del Toro, Brittany Murphy, Michael Clarke Duncan, Elijah Wood, Rutger Hauser, Powers Boothe.

Directed by:
Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodriguez, Frank Miller. 147 minutes long and first released in 2005.

Set in the gritty, black and white, modern Noir world of Basin City and based on the black and white Noir comics of Frank Miller, never before has a comic ever been brought to life with such loving attention and care. The only sad aspect of this is it gave Frank Miller a taste of directing and he went on to utterly ruin The Spirit.

When it first came out it was ground breaking and offered a fresh take on a comic-based film, it was edgy and treated it's subject matter with a knowing appreciation. I've not seen this film since the year it first came out when it ended up as my 5th favourite film of that year.
I was surprised at how clunky some of the dialogue was, but regardless this was still as enjoyable as it was the last time I saw it.
Made up of the four short films, the one starring Micky Rourke as Marv the unstoppable lug is my favourite segment, closely followed by the Bruce Willis one.


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