Sunday, 29 June 2014



Kevin Costner, Amber Heard, Haliee Stenfeld and Connie Nielson.

117 minutes Directed by McG and written and produced by Luc Besson.

Kevin Costner is a bad ass-assassin estranged from his wife and daughter who after a failed mission discovers he is dying of brain cancer and has three months to live. He decides to spend it with ex-wife and daughter and moves to Paris to be nearer with them. Luckily Amber Heard is the bi-polar CIA agent - who dresses as a high-class prostitute - who woes Costner back to work with a mystery cure and before you can say Bang Bang, You're Dead. Costner is fitting it sessions of family time with acts of extreme torture and brutal killing as he takes out a series of random euro baddies who want to do something bad, for some reason, but hey don't judge at least he's trying to bond with his bitchy, bratty, spoilt daughter and it's not easy in this day and age balancing being a loving father and a demanding job.

Too long and lacking a good final showdown between Costner and the baddy this isn't a terrible film, just not terribly good.

Paris looks nice, the action is satisfying and Costner is, as always, bloody enjoyable to watch. At it's heart is a film about a father and daughter dynamic and we don't get nearly enough of those types of films.

What doesn't sit well is the fact this is a 12A film and the scenes of casual torture, violence and execution and as such, any under 12 can see this if accompanied by an adult.

I'm hoping the DVD release is a stronger cut and we get to see more action but regardless this is an okay effort and it's good to see Costner being a bad ass.


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