Saturday, 29 March 2014


#20 Under the Skin

Starring Scarlett Johannson, directed by Jonathan Glazer. 108 minutes long.

Without doubt, the single most unsettling and uncomfortable film I've seen in an absolute age. There are images and sequences you'll find yourself thinking about days later, sequences which are truly shocking and, at times, frankly disquieting and unsettling.

Scartlett, who is simply superb in this film and carries it single-handily, plays an un-named alien who drives around Scotland in a white van picking up men no one will miss and luring them back to a derelict house where she entices them, by undressing, into a sentient black-liquid filled swimming pool - where they are slowly absorbed over time (this sequence is truly unnerving).

No reason is given, no explanation is offered, nothing is revealed, there are no fantastic special effects, laser beams or spaceships, just a bleak, sinister sense of uncomfortableness made a thousand times worse by a soundtrack that gnaws at your psyche like an army of red ants.

Perhaps the most original film of the year.

Plus she takes her kit off too!



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