Sunday, 9 February 2014



Starring Bill Hader, Anna Faris, James Caan, Terry Crews and Will Forte.

Directed by Cody Cameron, Kris Pearn.

95 minutes long.

This came out last October and because of my knee I missed it. Today, I took my kids to see it at the Cinema Club and paid the princely sum of £3 for the privilege.

Hands down the funniest animated film I've seen in ages! Laugh out loud funny, from beginning to end, a never-ending stream of ridiculous puns and jokes this is a beautifully animated and superbly visually realised world that won me over from the get-go.

The plot is madness itself, following on seconds after the end of the first movie, Flintwood and the inhabitants of Swallow Falls are forcefully evicted to San Fransisco, while supposedly benevolent tech guru and genius, Chester V (CEO of Live Corp - Live is Evil backwards) promises to clean up the island. Six months later, the clean up mission a failure, Chester asks our hero, Flint Lockwood to go back to the island with his friends and destroy the
FLDSMDFR which it seems is now creating sentient food, including a giant spider cheese burger. The journey, heart of darkenss style into the centre of Swallow Falls reveals a whole eco-system of wild life which Chester V has designs on.

Whoever decided to merge the plots and stories of Apocalypse Now, Avatar and Jurassic Park and then animate it with sentient food deserves a medal.

The LEGO movie might be bat-shit crazy but Cloudy has more of a heart.

Plus the end credit sequence, a series of mini animated films is worth sitting through too!

Great stuff! Can't wait to watch it again on Blu Ray!


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