Sunday, 26 January 2014


Directed and produced by magical double act, Penn and Teller. This is a documentary about Texas inventor, Tim Jenison - a man with no art training or skill- and his four-year quest to discover the techniques that Dutch Art Master, Johannes Vermeer might have used to create such stunning masterpieces as Girl with the Diamond Ear-ring and The Music Lesson and paint his own 'Vemeer'.

A fascinating and engrossing documentary that grips and enthralls as Teller follows Tim's obsessive quest to uncover the truth and recreate the Music Lesson using the same techniques. Along the way, Tim talks to David Hockney, assorted art historians and scientists to explain, explore and validate his theory as he utilises mirrors, camera obscures and grinds his own hand made lens and paint pigments to paint his version of the famous painting – going as far as to recreate the original room of the painting in a rented warehouse in Texas.

Totally captivating and absorbing and well worth a view.


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