Sunday, 29 December 2013


#84 The Harry Hill MovieStarring Harry Hill, Julie Walters, Johnny Vegas, Jim Broadbent, Matt Lucas, Simon Bird, Sheridan Smith, Marc Wootton and Julian Barratt. 88 minutes.

Harry Hill's hamster, Abu is dying and has a week to live so Harry and his nan, Julie Walters decide to give him a week to remember with a trip to Blackpool to visit the tower. Along the way two mysterious henchmen, in the employ of Matt Lucas, try everything they can to kidnap Abu for some nefarious purpose.

Usually when a film gets released without any previews it's because the film is such a stinker it's just not worth wasting money massaging the egos of film critics with free bottles of beer, wine, pizza, or nibbles. Sadly Harry Hill was such a film, released a fortnight ago with no fanfare, no advance previews and no good wind.

My kids saw it before me last weekend and claimed it was awful, with Baxter declaring it was almost as bad as Battleshits, but not quite. My daughter, older, much wiser (she's 14 and knows it all!) said it barely rated a 3/10.

Well, I'm here to say that I have no idea what they saw but it certainly wasn't The Harry Hill Movie which had me laughing from start to finish with it's over the top stupidity, nonsense script and silly panto antics. In fact, if you go in, expecting a panto and you'll utterly love it, but go in looking for the next Annie Hall or Anchor Man 2, or Grown Ups and you'll utterly hate it.

This isn't big film making, it isn't clever film making and it's certainly not game changing, what it is is a full-length feature film version of TV Burp and I for one laughed throughout.

It runs out of steam, it's far too silly and bonkers but i liked it.


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