Saturday, 27 July 2013


Starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy, directed by Paul Feig and running for 119 minutes.

"Okay, so here it comes! Two cops, okay? As different as chalk and cheese, get partnered to investigate a crime, let's make it drug based. One of them is a straight-as-an-arrow, by-the-book, buttoned up square, the other is a rule-busting, balls-breakin' slob. They start hating each other but grudgingly come to, not only respect not only each other, but also their methods. And lo-and behold, they bond! And together they are incredible. And the hook? They're both women!"


And that's how this film got green lit.

When this is just being funny and not bothering with the plot, which is so hackneyed it's hardly worth bothering with, it's a genuinely funny laugh riot, but when the plot kicks in it falls flatter than a pancake. it just doesn't need it. Once again, Melissa McCarthy proves to be the funniest thing in absolute ages and surprisingly Sandra Bullock proves her comedy chops by being an excellent funny, up-for-anything, straight girl.

It's obvious there's a lot of ad–libing going on, which means this is going to work far better on DVD with a stronger cut and all the out takes. But in the mean time, sit back and enjoy because when this is funny it's bloody hilarious. In fact, I think this is the funniest American comedy I've seen in ages and although I thoroughly enjoyed This is the End, this beats it by being more conventional. There's something extremely funny in watching Bullock's character colliding with McCarthy's family and friends.

The all-night pub sequence is worth the admission alone.


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