Sunday, 26 May 2013

Review of HANGOVER 2

To honour the release this week of Hangover III I thought I'd dust off my review of the second film and post it for you here.


I imagine the two writers of the first Hangover movie, when told they were going to write the sequel sat down and thought long and hard about where they'd like to go on a free holiday and they decided on Thailand.  I get the feeling that was probably the hardest part of this film to come up with, the location. After that, they just pressed Apple 'A', for all, pressed copy and pasted it into a new document titled Hangover 2. Because beyond the change of the location nothing else original happens. This is a complete rehash of the original film, with incredibly even less laughs.

For months we've had the slow marketing burn, building up to the release and rest assured it's not worth it. The best thing about this film is the trailer. It's better than the finished article because it is mercifully far shorter.

This is a lazy, pointless film that only managed to raise the odd smile and two laughs. One involved a monkey chewing on a Buddhist monk's penis, it's in the trailer and the other was at the end and had something to do with the speedboat. There's also another knob gag which didn't get a single laugh but did get a collective gasp of disgust from the audience.

Bradley Cooper happily pisses away all the good will he garnished with Limitless by doing this. Paul Giamatti should know better and Ed Helms deserves better.

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