Wednesday, 24 April 2013

#39 & 40 IRON MAN THREE (25.4.13)

Directed by Shane Black. Starring: Robert Downey Jnr, Guy Pearce, Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Sir Ben Kingsley, Rebecca Hall and about 400 hundred special effects people.

Evil terrorist, The Mandarin is here teach the President of these United States a lesson, well several televised lessons to be precise, and only one man and 42 suits of Iron Man Armour stand between him and dominance.

This is the third in the Iron Man series and probably the last to feature Robert Downey Jnr, which is a shame because he owns this role much in the same way as Sean Connery owned James Bond. No matter who comes next to fill those yellow and red rocket booties, it'll always be Robert they compare him to. But don't fret he still has one more Avengers movie to do.

It's obvious that Robert Downey Jnr was born to play the role of billionaire, ex-alcoholic, genius inventor and so good is he in the role that you forget the actor and completely accept him as Tony Stark. And believe me there is a LOT of Tony Stark in this movie. It's almost as if, Shane Black wanted to make a Tony Stark movie to such an extent that Iron Man becomes his side kick. However this isn't a criticism, the Iron Man suit is actually the dullest part of Iron Man, it's Tony that's interesting and provides the heart to this movie. So Black orchestrates the proceeding in such a way that Tony's supporting cast, led admirably, but not solely, by Gwyneth Paltrow is successfully side-lined, allowing Stark to be the main focus of the film.

But a super hero is only as good as his super villain and with the Mandarin, Iron Man gets his best villain to date and Sir Ben Kingsley gives us an unique super villain to rival the Joker in memorability. In the past, when a super hero franchise gets up to number three the film makers feel it prudent to throw as many villains as it can at its hero, but Black wisely avoids this, by sticking to just one villain and providing him with a battalion's worth of henchmen to back him up.

This is a very dense film, no flabby middle, just a film packed with incident, action and a proper plot that actually has a beginning middle and, god forbid!, satisfying ending. That said, it's not perfect, the final act showdown surrenders a lot of what went before to the special effects and an over reliance on all 42 suits of Iron Man armour which makes it hard to root for just one, it's also a tad overwhelming visually and difficult, at times to follow.  However, the preceding fight onboard Air Force One, glimpsed in the trailer, is utterly stand out and well worth the wait!

Overall, a thoroughly satisfying and enjoyable experience that ranks up there as one of the best super hero films so far made.


There is no reason at all to see this film in 3D, it adds nothing to film, in fact it just makes it all murky.

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