Saturday, 13 April 2013

#35 IDENTITY THEFT (13.4.13)

Jason Bateman, Melissa McCarthy, Amanda Peet, Jon Favruea.

I'm tired and I've just got back from watching this piece of shit, which stole 111 minutes of my life.

If you must know, the plot of the cinematic abomination is an exercise in lazy tedium. Bateman has his identity stolen by McCarthy and his life is ruined. He tries to get the police to help. They can't be bothered so he does it himself. He finds McCarthy and convinces her to return home with him and tell his boss that he's innocent of drug dealing, fraud and a whole lot of other crimes, along the way they tangle with a psychotic bounty hunter, a couple of gangsters and a lonely widower in search of love. Bateman is continuously held up for ridicule, he is the one person who needs to grow in this movie, not her. He is the one for whom all the bad shit happens. He is the one who learns the valuable life lesson. Because he is the straight-arrow, family man who is decent, moral and upstanding. That is until he partakes in a spot of identity theft himself and steals his bosses details then goes on a mad spending spree. But that's okay because his boss is a greedy dick.

There is not one single thing to recommend or justify this wretched wreck of a movie. It is an utter laughter free zone. No one in the cinema laughed, not once. We all sat there, all ten of us, stony faced in silence. Each of us joined in shared bewilderment. Had we accidentally strayed into the wrong screening?

Sadly not.

Stupid, lazy, shit and crass. Just don't bother. Don't do it! Don't waste your time or money on this one. It really is awful. Horribly, horribly awful. In fact even reading my bile filled review is giving this film too much of your time. Save yourselves, stop reading now!


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