Saturday, 16 March 2013

FILM #25 SIDE EFFECTS - (11.3.13)

It's Stephen Sodabread's last film! You know, the bloke what directed Ocean's 11-13 (I can't remember who directed the first 12), but I do know he killed that particular franchise! After 13 there was never another!

He also directed that one with the porn star in it and that other one with the female mixed marital artist. His last film was the one where Tony Stark's girlfriend gets a killer cold, Jason Bourne stayed at home with his daughter and Jude Law experimented with a terrible Australian Accent, I think it was called Contagion.

So, here we are at the supposed end of his cinematic career and what do we have? In a nutshell,  a young depressed, suicidal woman (Ronney Mara) gets put on a wonder drug by her doctor, Jude Law, with disastrous results and her husband (Chatum Channing) suffers.

It's a turning, twisting thriller that completely pulls the rug on you 3/4  of the way thru, which was nice. Overall, it's entertaining and well acted. But not enough to end such an extraordinaryly entertaining career. I hope this isn't the last we've seen of Stefan Sonarburg.


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