Friday, 8 March 2013

FILM #18 CLOUD ATLAS (24.2.13)

A science fiction epic based on a much loved (although I've never heard of it) book, this was a highly ambitious, beautifully crafted and meaty movie whose story spanned several centuries and as many genrers and told six, seemingly unrelated stories. The cast all had multi-roles involving lots of make-up and although Tom Hanks and Hal Berry stand out as the two biggest names, it's the stories featuring Jim Broadbent's editor character and Ben Winshaw gay composer which are the most entertaining.

The six stories include costume drama, comedy, science fiction, post apocalyptic, political thriller and a Merchant Ivory style love story.

This was a huge flop in the states and it's hard to see it recouping its losses over here, the story is too deep and demanding to be the sort of blockbuster these sort of budget films demand and it's a shame because it's 3 hour running time flew by and I was captivated by the different styles and genres. I found the whole experience extremely satisfying and entertaining.

Not everyone's cup of tea but it'll certainly make for a nice Sunday afternoon movie when it comes out on disc.


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