Saturday, 16 February 2013

FILM #16 WARM BODIES (10.2.13)


The classic tale of boy meets girl, eats her boyfriend, loses girl and then fights to win her back and convince her father he's worthy of her. In short it's Romeo and Juliet meets Zombie Flesh Eaters.

This year is going to be remembered as the year of the YA film (that's Young Adult to you), films based on books aimed at Teens and youths left adrift by the ending of the Twatlight series of films. In fact, it'll seem not a month is going to go by this year without a new film opening based on a franchise.

And if this is the standard of what we can expect then I can't wait! This was a surprisingly warm and fun film which managed a fresh twist on the 45 year-old zombie genre, basically a story told from the zombie's point of view.

Set in a world over run by zombies and bonnies, what's left of mankind lives in a walled off cities eking out  an existance foraging for drugs and food in the world outside the walls. It's during one such mission that a group of humans encounter a group of zombies and a spark of love is ignited that might just save the world.

The film belongs to Nicholas Hoult in the lead role of the zombie, R, He first came to prominence in About A Boy but easily proves that he has the potential to be the next Robert Paterson, but with more charm and less chiseled granite looks. His charisma and humour carries the film and his chemistry with Teresa Palmer works exceedingly well as does his relationship with fellow zombie, Rob Corddry. There is very little gore or violence and where in a normal zombie film this would be a positive drawback, here it hardly matters. the warmth and romance works well and more than masks the lack of blood and guts. If I had one issue with this film it would be that there's just too much running and not enough action in the third act. And the best thing about it, there won't be a sequel!


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