Saturday, 26 January 2013

Film #9 Wreck It Ralph (22.1.13)

#9 Wreck It Ralph

John C. Reily. Sarah Silverman. Jack MacBrayer. Jane Lynch.

After 30 years, video game character, Ralph (John C. Reily) has had enough of being the bad guy and sets out on a quest to win validation and thereby acceptance. Leaving his video game, his Heart of Darkness voyage of discovery takes him deep up the into the lair of King Kandy in the land of Sugar Rush.

Oh the fun! The fun!

It's good to see a Disney animated film at the cinema, there was a time when that meant something. You knew you were in for a good time. And where as Wreck It Ralph isn't classic Disney it's still a whole lot of fun and a whole lot better than most of last year's animated fare. It looks great, it's knowledge of video games lore is peerless and it has some very funny moments. And for once the 3D works very well. Ralph is a great character and the best parts of this film are his 'fish-out-of-water' moments - his therapy sessions with other bad guys, and when he ends up in a first person shooter game. The film loses momentum when Ralph lands in the Sugar Rush game and the actual plot kicks in. It's not that there's anything necessarily that wrong with the plot, it's just very generic in structure.

Over all this a very entertaining film and kids will love it, parents will too when they spot one of the endless video game references that litter this movie, like hundreds and thousands.

This is the film Tron should have been!


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