Sunday, 27 January 2013

FILM #13 LINCOLN (27.1.13)



It's Spielberg, it's got Daniel Day-Lewis, it's about the most loved president in the history of America and it's 150 minutes long! How can it not win an Oscar?

Wow! What's not to like? Daniel Day-Lewis couldn't make a bad movie if his children's lives depended on it. I can't wait for the day he does a Liam Nesson and makes a kick-ass action film. In fact, I can't wait for a film that teams him and Liam up in a full-on action flick written and directed by Luc Besson in some sort of blood soaked, action masterpiece set in Euroland!

Now that would be utterly fantastic! But until then we have Daniel as Lincoln in this deeply satisfying and gripping political, historical drama filled with yet more first class acting from a slew of great character actors.

The historical stuff was utterly fascinating and I came away feeling I had learned a great deal about Lincoln, for example, I seriously had no idea that he was so bloody and genuinely funny. At one point in this film one of the characters actually runs off rather than listen to yet another one of Lincoln's funny stories, which is a shame because it's damn funny story about a man having a shit (seriously)! He really was America's first stand up comic. And despite knowing the outcome of the film, when the actual vote on the amendment finally comes, it's incredibly gripping!

Fascinating stuff and those 150 minutes seemed to fly by. No need for a single toilet break!

And the best thing, apart from the 13th Amendment being passed freeing the slaves? There wasn't a single teenager in the cinema and not a single mobile phone lit up or went off.


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