Saturday, 26 January 2013

FILM #11: MOVIE 43

Film #11 Movie 43 (26.1.13)

There's a reason none of us should ever go and see a film that gets released by a studio unseen by anyone other than that studio. The film in question is going to be an unmitigated, despicable, vile, excremental, worthless, unfunny, odious, putrid pile of steaming horse shit that's been run over by a truck carrying rancid piss to a vomiting convention.

Movie 43 was such film.

And with that much information you should be able to work out exactly what it was like.

Every single person involved with this film's production should hang their heads in abject shame. Shame on you! Shame!

1/10 (the single point is for the sketch about machines being filled with tiny children and Stephen Merchant's penis tattoo)

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