Saturday, 26 January 2013

Animated films.

Animated films arrive now with all the frequency of buses, you know, you wait ages for one then 50 turn up at the same time. When I were a nipper, animated films came around maybe once a year, they were all made by Disney and it was mandatory that the first film kids saw at the cinema was animated. Luckily for me, my mother was a real rebel and made sure my first cinematic experience  was The Italian Job. Thanks mum!

 Nowadays not a week goes past without the latest animated release and frankly I'm bored rigid by most of them. If it's not Pixar (who I love, by the way) it's DreamWorks or Blue Sky or Sony ejaculating their garish pixel yoghurt at all over our faces in huge streams of data. "YOU LOVE IT!" they scream as it washes over us, endless ropes of wise cracking, sassy animals, crazy kids and cardboard thin baddies with gags for all the family, mums and dads. All that is except Pixar who still seem to strive for some sort of excellence, obviously ignoring the vileness of Cars and Cars 2.

With so many films it's easy for good and original animated films, say the likes of ParaNorman, Pirates vs Scientists and Frankenweenie to get swamped under the weight of Hotel Trannie, Chance of Meat Bollocks, Snoorerax, etc etc and overlooked, making it less likely that left-of-field animated fare gets dropped and we're left with the usual generic animated junk that clutters up each and every half-term and holiday.

A quick look at this year's animated releases is almost overwhelming! There's over 20 animated feature films scheduled for our screens in 2013 and only one of them is a Pixar film. God help us all.

But I'm predicting that the winner of the Oscar for best animated film at next year's Oscars will be this!

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